Thanks Sorayah and her family

Sorayah - Star wars
Year 7 Sorayah Morris, (pictured here with her mum Nina), not only walked 5000m yesterday but with help from her family and neighbours and $50 of her own pocket money, she has raised over $300 as part of the May the 4th Be With You run/walk which she is donating to Red Cross! Wow, we are humbled by your efforts Sorayah and your initiative. Thank you so much!

How far each house walked/ran

What a great effort from everyone yesterday who participated in the May the 4th Be With You Virtual Run/Walk.

Here is how far each House walked/ran yesterday:

Hillary:          147,072 m

Snell:              102,280 m

Rutherford:  102,046 m

Sheppard:        89,169 m

Well done everyone – congratulations from Super Value Man – you have made a difference!


One more…

Israel and Luca Alesana competed today – They both prayed for hospital workers and for the families that have lost someone to Covid 19.
Their entry fee was spent at our local diary on a treat.
Israel ran 2.3kms and his time 9 minutes 40
Luca ran 850metres and his time was 4 mins 50  – great effort Team Alesana!

The Finish as May the 5th approaches…….

A huge thank you to everyone who took part today – you have made yourselves fitter, you have prayed for so many people and situations, you have spent hundreds of dollars at local businesses and you have dressed up and had fun together in your bubbles! We have shared 46 photos online – sorry if you were missed – please let me know and I will put them on.  Please send to: (

Thank you to all of those who entered your results (distance, prayers, money spent and dress ups) online but haven’t been mentioned in the Sports Blog as I didn’t have a photo – I have been blown away by your prayers, generosity and your endurance – well done!

We have run/walked the distance to Wellington from Hillview Christian School! Full results of how far each House went will be shared tomorrow.

Thanks again all.

May the 4th Be With You!

More who ran and walked today……

May the 4th Be With the Manahi’s. Jethro, Sage and Gabriel all dressed up ready to run.  They prayed –  Dear Lord, please bless our country of New Zealand. Give our government wisdom at this time. Please be with all those with Covid. In Jesus name Amen. 
Max and Taylor McKenzie did the walk today, they managed to choose the wettest part of the day but they enjoyed it!
Luke and Quentin
Luke Houthuyzen and Quentin Morgan practising social distancing in their 3333m run today
An arty shot from the Weavers today on their outing. William completed 2222m and prayde for government & the people of NZ to be able to get their jobs back & for the business to be able to open again. He spent his entry at the local dairy.