Hillview Touch

Welcome to the Hillview Touch Page. On this page you will find information about our Touch Teams

Y0-8 SMART TOUCH Term 4 – 2019

2019 Draws: See the Smart Touch Website here: DRAWS

2019 Hillview Teams, for all 24 teams, see here: TEAMS

We enter Teams in the local Year 0-8 SMART Touch competition that is played on Thursday afternoons in Term 4 at Waltham Park. Please see the entry form below.

Please note that children will NOT be placed into teams until the $30 fee is paid to the office or transferred.

Payment: $30 MUST be transferred/paid to the office before children are put in a team. Account number to transfer (put child’s name and TOUCH as reference): 03-1598-0061426-01

Hillview entries close on Tuesday 10 September

Sign up here: TOUCH

SMART Touch Term 4 2018

Here are our teams for 2018 – we have over 170 players!!! See: TOUCH 2018

The first games are on Thursday 18 October

Full season draws (when they become available), results and all information can be found on the SMART Touch web site: http://www.sporty.co.nz/smarttouch

Year 0-8 Touch at Waltham Park in Term  4 2017

Here are our Touch Teams for 2017 – the first games start on Thursday 19 October at Waltham Park, for teams, please click here: Hillview SMART Touch Teams 2017

Draws for Thursday 19 October (updated 17.10.17): 19 October Draw

Full season draws, results and all information can be found on the SMART Touch web site: http://www.sporty.co.nz/smarttouch

Year 0-8 Touch at Waltham Park in Term  4 2016

Our 18 teams start their game on Thursday 13 October at Waltham Park.

For an updated list of our teams, please click here: hillview-touch-teams-2016-with-contacts

For the Week One draw (13.10.16), please click here: smart-touch-week-1

Please wear Hillview PE gear, Year 0-2 teams need to be at the tent at 4.15pm, all other teams please meet 30 mins. before your game at your field or as arranged.

Year 0-8 Touch at Waltham Park in Term  4 2015

Well done to all of our 14 Touch teams that have played on Thursday evenings at Waltham Park in the SMART Touch Module organsied by St. Martins School. We have had 110 students involved, that is almost 1/4 of our students from Year 0-8. We have been delighted to have so many parents involved in coaching and managing the teams – THANKS!

Our Year 0-2s had some great games and the Hillview Super 2’s went unbeaten although official results were not kept for this grade. The Hillview Terrific 2s and the Hillview Awesome 1s (Year 0s and 1s) played some super Touch also.

In the Year 3-4s our teams did very well. In the A Grade the Hillview Fantastic 4s (pictured below) never lost a game to win the division, closely followed by the Hillview Avengers in 2nd.

The Winning Hillview Fantastic 4s

In the B Grade our Year 3 team, the Hillview Raging Rhinos, only lost one game (to the Hillview Fleeting 4s), to finish 1st= on points but second on for/against with the Fleeting 4s in 3rd – both teams were all Year 3s.

In the Year 5/6 A Grade the Hillview Super 6s were a close 2nd and the B Grade (with 3 x Year 5 teams), the Hillview Fast 5s and Hillview Quiksilvers were in a 4 way tie for 1st=, with the Fast 5s 2nd on for/against and the Quiksilvers 4th. The Hillview Flash 5s were 7th.

In the Year 7/8 Grade the Hillview Supers 8s were a close 3rd, the Hillview Jaguars (all Year 7) were 4th and the Hillview Panthers (also Year 7s) were 6th.

A BIG thanks to Sandy and Dale Jones and the rest of their team from SMART Touch. We look forward to having lots of fun in Term 4 next year!

Well done to our 14 teams and 110 students who took part at the SMART touch module last Thursday night (22 October). We had some excellent play from all children, right from William Weavers (two weeks at school) who scored two tries to our Mighty 8’s team (Year 8s) who won their first game 6-0.

Full season draws, results and all information can be found on the SMART Touch web site: http://www.sporty.co.nz/smarttouch

Touch Teams for Waltham Park in Term 4:

Please see our teams for the SMART touch competition starting on Thursday 22 October.

Teams 2015, please click here: Hillview Touch Term 4 2015 – WEB

DRAWS: Please click below for the draws


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