Year 9/10 Christian Schools’ Athletics 2020

We had a super day at the Year 9/10 Christian Schools’ Athletics at Nga Puna Wai today. In very hot conditions the 190 plus students from five Christian Schools (Timaru, Ashburton, Emmanuel, Aidanfield and Hillview) started the day with this verse:

1 Corinthians 16:13, NIV: “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.” 

Despite very strong winds there were still five records set and some great competition and lots of smiles.

For results, please click here: RESULTS

The Canterbury Secondary Schools prelims are on Tuesday 17 March at Nga Puna Wai with the finals on Saturday 21 March.

Year 9/10 Christian Schools’ Athletics – Friday 28 February @ Nga Puna Wai- 9.30am-2.00pm

The Christian Schools’ (Aidanfield, Ashburton, Emmanuel, Hillview and Timaru) have their Year 9/10 Athletics Day at Nga Puna Wai on Friday. We have 194 entries from the five schools.

For a timetable, please click here: Christian Schools’ Y9-10 Athletics Day Programme 2020

Z and N 400m

Year 5-8 Athletics Day 2019

The Year 5-8 Athletics Day is coming up on Wednesday 23 October on the Senior Campus. All Year 5-8 children will take part and compete in all seven events and then the House Relay. The emphasis is on having a go, doing your best and trying your hardest (=EXCELLENCE – our term value).

Year 5-8 Athletics Timetable (Wednesday 23 October), see here: HCS Senior Athletics Programme 2019

Finals Evening: For those that finish in the top five on Athletics Day, we have the Year 5-8 Finals on Tuesday 29th October from 4.30pm-7.15pm on the Senior Campus also.

Year 5-8 Athletics FINALS Timetable (Tuesday 29 October), see here: HCS Athletics Finals Programme 29.10.19

Year 0-4 Junior Athletics Day 2019

Our Year 0-4 Junior Athletics Day is on Thursday 14 November from 11.00am-3.00pm on the Junior Campus.

Year 0-4 Athletics Timetable (Thursday 14 November), see here: HCS Junior Athletics 14.11.19

unnamed (1)

Year 5-8 Athletics Finals 2018

Due to the forecast rain, cold and slippery conditions, the Year 5-8 Athletics Finals that were to be held tonight (Tuesday 30 October) are postponed to Tuesday 6 November. The timetable is a bit later now, 5.00pm-6.00pm for Field events and 6.15-7.20pm for Track events.

Timetable 6.11.18, see: HCS Athletics Finals Programme 6.11.18

South Zone Athletic Sports – Monday 12 November @ Hansen Park

The top 3 (and sometime more) competitors from our Athletic Finals will compete at the South Zone Athletics on Monday 12 November at Hansen Park. A timetable for this event is here: South Zone Athletics Programme 2018

Our 2018 Year 5-8 Athletics is coming up!

The qualifying day for all Year 5-8 students is on Wednesday 24 October, 9.30am-3.00pm at the Senior Campus (ppd 26 Oct.) and the finals are on Tuesday 30 October 4.30pm-7.00pm (ppd 6 Nov.)

For a full timetable for Wednesday 24 October, please click here: HCS Senior Athletics Programme 2018

The 2018 Year 0-4 Athletics for the Junior School is on Thursday 15 November at the Junior Campus from 11.00am-3.00pm

Junior Programme, please click here: HCS Junior Athletics 15.11.18

Year 9/10 Athletics Team for Canterbury Secondary Schools – Tuesday 13 and Saturday 17 March 2018

Please click here for the team notice: Year 9-10 Athletics Team 2018 Notice

Year 9/10 Christian Schools Athletics – Thursday 1 March 2018

Please click here for results: RESULTS

Please click here for a timetable of events: Christian Schools’ Y9-10 Athletics Day Programme 2018

Junior Athletics – Thursday 16 Nov. Junior Campus

Please see here for a timetable: HCS Junior Athletics 16.11.17

A reminder there will be sausage for sale at lunchtime ($2). Please order on Thursday morning before school outside the Library.

South Zone Athletics 13.11.17 Hansen Park

We are hoping the showers will stay away tomorrow.

A reminder most students meet at 8.30am and leave by 9.40am from the Rocks on the Senior side. A further 22 leave at 11.20am in Vans and then 18 at 11.50am.

For the team list, timetable and transport details, please click on this google document – see tabs at the bottom for transport and timetable.

Click here: South Zones

Year 5-8 Athletics 2017 – Finals are on Wednesday 1 November – not Tues. 31 Oct.

We are so thankful to God for wonderful weather today for our Year 5-8 qualifying heats for the Athletic Sports. The day went really well and it was wonderful to see the students trying their hardest, supporting peers and showing their talents.

PROVISIONAL RESULTS and qualifiers for next Tuesday evening’s finals can be found here: Y5-8 Heats – 25.10.17 PROVISIONAL

Please note that results are PROVISIONAL and need to be checked for spelling errors and distances/times etc.. Some other students may be added (ie were at Cricket today or absent or injured). Please email Mr Norton if you think there is an error.

The timetable for the Finals Night – Wednesday 1 November can be found here: HCS Athletics Finals Programme 1.11.17

Our Athletic Sports are coming up very soon – in Week two and three. The School Sports for Year 5-8 are on Wednesday 25 October (ppd Friday 27 October) and the finals are on Wednesday 1 November 4,30pm-7.15pm

Year 5-8 Athletic Sports Programme Wed. 25 Oct. – click here: HCS Senior Athletics Programme 2017 25.10.17

Year 5-8 FINALS Programme Tuesday 31 Oct. – click here: HCS Athletics Finals Programme 31.10.17

Year 5-8 School Records, click here: HCS School Sports Records – Y5-8 Athletics as at 12.10.17

Sam Meecham brings Snell home first in the Circular Relay in 2016

Year 9/10 Christian Schools’ Athletics – Ashburton Domain – Friday 24th February

We had a very hot day in Ashburton for our Christian Schools’ Athletics for Year 9/10 students yesterday. We had more than 150 students from five schools competing and socialising together. It was inspiring to see some wonderful gifts and talents on display and we had some top quality performances with 14 records broken.

A big thanks to all the students who tried their hardest, behaved so well and supported eachother. A big thanks also to the parents who came to support us, the 14 staff who were officials, Ashburton Christian School for their desks and High Jump and drinks, and to the Ashburton Athletics club for use of their gear.

Results, please click here: year-9-10-athletics-results-2017

Please email Mr Norton with any questions/changes:

Our Year 9/10 students will join with Emmanuel, Aidanfield, Ashburton and Timaru Christian Schools at the Ashburton Domain for the Year 9/10 Christian Schools’ Athletics tomorrow – Friday 24 February.

For a timetable, please click here: christian-schools-y9-10-athletics-day-programme-2017

For a list of records, please click here: hcs-school-sports-records-christian-schoolsy9-10-athletics

We are praying for a great time of fellowship together of the five schools.

Junior Athletics Day – Friday 18 November

For a programme and notice, please click here: hcs-junior-athletics-19-11-16

The South Zone Athletics are being held next Wednesday, 9 November, at Hansen Park.

Team List, click here: hillview-draft-south-zone-athletic-team-2016

Team Notice, click here: south-zone-athletics-team-note-2016

Timetable, click here: south-zone-athletics-programme-2016

Year 4-8 Athletics 2016 – Finals RESULTS 1.11.16

We are so grateful to God for the wonderful weather tonight and the outstanding gifts and talents on display. Well done to all children who competed tonight – just qualifying for our school finals is an awesome effort. Below, please see the provisional results for track and field and our records as they stand – 19 new records from tonight or set Wednesday two weeks ago at qualifying – many broken again tonight!

The Zone team for Wednesday 9 November at Hansen Park will be announced on Wednesday with our first training session on Thursday!

A big thanks to all the family and friends who came to support the students tonight and also a big thanks to the parents and students who helped out at events!

Provisional Track Results, please click here: y4-8-athletics-track-finals-results-2016

Provisional Field Results, please click here: y4-8-athletics-field-final-results-2016

Year 4-8 School Athletics Records, please click here:  hcs-school-sports-records-y4-8-athletics-as-at-1-11-16

Year 4-8 Athletics 2016 – Qualifying 

We are very thankful to God for such a lovely day for our Year 4-8 Athletic Sports. We had  some super performances again and all children gave of their best. Please find attached a PROVISIONAL list of finalists, a timetable for the finals next Wednesday evening and an updated list of Athletic Records. Please let Mr Norton know of any errors or if you have any questions (

A big thanks to all the parents and family members who came along to support the children and also a big thanks to the teachers and Year 1o Sports Captains for all their hard work. Well done to Miss Campbell for the efficient results.

Congratulations to all children on their efforts and especially to the finalists. Well done to SNELL on a super victory in the HOUSE RELAY but Hillary are overall leaders going into the Finals Evening next Wednesday.

For a list of the FINALISTS and 8 year old Year 4 results from today, please click here: y4-8-athletics-finalists-2016

For a Finals Programme for Wednesday 26 October, 4.30-7.20pm, please click here: hcs-athletics-finals-26-10-16

For an updated list of Year 4-8 Athletic Records, please click here: y4-8-athletics-records-as-at-19-10-2016

SNELL RELAY VICTORY PHOTOS : Sam Meecham running the final leg, Sam and winning Snell runners, the victory announced! Thanks to Gill Weavers for the photos.

Our Year 4-8 Athletics Qualifying Day will be held next Wednesday, 19 October (ppd 21.10), on the Senior Campus from 9.30am-3.00pm. All Year 4-8 children compete in ALL seven events as well as the HOUSE RELAY.

Programme: Please click here – hcs-senior-athletics-programme-2016-19-10-16

Finals Programme for 4.30pm-7.20pm Wednesday 26 October, please click here: hcs-athletics-finals-26-10-16

School Records, please click here: hcs-school-sports-records-y4-8-athletics-as-at-18-10-16

Y9/10 Christian Schools’ Athletics 2016: We are hosting the Christian Schools’ Year 9/10 Athletics Day at the Ashburton Domain on Tuesday 8 March. There are over 15o athletes competing from five Christian Schools – Ashburton, Timaru, Aidanfield, Emmanuel and Hillview. Hillview students will travel to Ashburton by bus, leaving the Senior Campus at 8.00am (meet by 7.50am) and returning to school at 4.00pm approx. The cost of the bus (approx. $15) will be added to the term activity fee.

For a full programme of events, please click here: Christian Schools’ Y9-10 Athletics Day Programme 2016

Year 9/10 Christian Schools’Athletic Records, please click here: Y9-10 Christian Schools’ Athletics 2016 – Records

PSC Athletics @ Ashburton 2.12.15

In extremely hot conditions our Hillview athletes were on fire in Ashburton today at the Primary Sports Canterbury Athletic Championships. There were 2000 athletes there from over 200 schools – so just making it there today was a huge achievement.

As well as our 48 athletes we had C5 Year 8s serving the officials and helping out at events and they were superb and we received many favourable comments about their input – well done guys!

There are no official results out yet but unofficially we had some outstanding results: (apologies if any are wrong)

  • in the total of ten relays we won two! (11 and 13 years girls) and were placed 3rd in two! (10 and 13 year boys).
  • our distance runners had some super results with Sam Meecham 2nd in the 10 years boys’ 1000m and Luke Mitchell 3rd in the 13 years boys’ 1200m as well as top ten finishes (38 in each race approx.) from Zac Landers (9 years) and Oliver Graves (11 years).
  • in the field Fia Lai-Kong won both the 13 girls’ Shot and Discus (and both in PBs) and Winnie Palamo won the 11 years girls’ Shot.  Levi Tamati was third in the 9 years boys’ long jump.
  • our sprinters did very well too with Winnie Palamo winning the 11 years girls’ 100m final and others to make the final eight were Hana-Lise Manuel (11 yrs 60m), Leila Lene (13 yrs 60m) and Tawanda Musoni (9 yrs boys 80m).
  • Well done to all of our athletes who gave of their best. We do thank God for the gifts and talents on display and the chance to compete at a high level and do our best and to give God the glory. A huge thanks to the parents and family members who came to support us.

Please find attached the programme for Wednesday in Ashburton for our 48 athletes competing, please click here: 2015 Primary Schools Athletics HCS Athlete’s Timetable

Year 4-8 South Zone Athletic Sports – Wednesday 11 November, Hansen Park

For a timetable of events, please click here: South Zone Athletics Programme 2015 – Coloured

Year 0-4 Junior Athletics Day – Friday 20 November

Our Junior School Athletic Sports are on Friday 20 November (ppd Friday 27 November) on the Junior Campus. For a timetable and notice, please click here: HCS Junior Athletics 20.11.15

Year 0-8 Athletics 2015GWP_9187




DSC_0167 (Large)

Year 4-8 Athletic Sports FINALS 2.11.15:

Field Results, please click here: Y4-8 Athletics FIELD Results 2015

Track Results, please click here: Y4-8 Athletics TRACK Finals RESULTS 20

Year 4-8 Athletic Sports Heats 21.10.15:

Well done to all children who competed today in warm and windy conditions. It was especially tough for the runners running into a head wind! Despite the conditions though, we had some excellent performances with a number of Field events records equalled or bettered and one track record set also. It was great to see children showing EXCELLENCE while giving their best in their eight events over the day.

To see the draft (there are some possible changes) of the finalists for next Wednesday and the results from the 8 year old Year 4s, please click here: Y4-8 Athletics Finalists 2015 after Heats

Finals Programme for next Wednesday 4.30pm-7.00pm- Please click here: HCS Athletics Finals 28.10.15

Hillview Athletic Records, please click here: HCS School Y4-8 Athletics Records

Year 0-4 Athletics Fun Day: All Year 0-4 students will compete in a fun day of Athletics and Games on Friday 20 November (ppd 27 November).

Note: Year 4 students will compete in BOTH days

South Zone Athletics for 9-13 years (as at 1 October 2015) for the first three in our school finals, will be held on Wednesday 11 November at Hansen Park.

Important Dates 2016:

HCS Year 4-8 Athletics Prelims: Wednesday 19 October (ppd 21.10)

HCS Year 4-8 Finals: Wednesday 26 October 4.30-7.20pm

South Zone Athletics (Year 5-8):  Wednesday 9 November

Year 0-4 Athletics Day: Friday 18 November (ppd 25 November)

Primary Sports Canterbury Athletics Finals: Wednesday 7 December – Ashburton Domain

Records: For a list of the Year 4-8 Athletics Records, please click here: y4-8-athletics-records-as-at-19-10-2016

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