Year 5-8 and Year 0-4 Athletics

Year 5-8 Athletics Day

The Year 5-8 Athletics Day is coming up on Wednesday 23 October on the Senior Campus. All Year 5-8 children will take part and compete in all seven events and then the House Relay. The emphasis is on having a go, doing your best and trying your hardest (=EXCELLENCE – our term value).

Year 5-8 Athletics Timetable (Wednesday 23 October), see here: HCS Senior Athletics Programme 2019

Finals Evening: For those that finish in the top five on Athletics Day, we have the Year 5-8 Finals on Tuesday 29th October from 4.30pm-7.15pm on the Senior Campus also.

Year 5-8 Athletics FINALS Timetable (Tuesday 29 October), see here: HCS Athletics Finals Programme 29.10.19

Year 0-4 Junior Athletics Day

Our Year 0-4 Junior Athletics Day is on Thursday 14 November from 11.00am-3.00pm on the Junior Campus.

Year 0-4 Athletics Timetable (Thursday 14 November), see here: HCS Junior Athletics 14.11.19

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