Year 3 Orienteering Champs

Today we had the Year 3 Orienteering Champs. The following were in the first five- well done!

Year 3 Girls

1st Amelia Graham and Esther Alcock 9.58

2nd Olivia Benji and Isabella Hosken 10.59

3rd Lily Lai Kong 13.36

4th Melody Andrews and Emma-Rose Te Momo 13.48

5th Anaya Poi and Zoe King 14.21

Year 3 Boys

1st Oliver Verbeek and Ted Black 9.30

2nd Vadim Pulin and Nikita Nilov 9.37

3rd Matai Waddell and Jhai Sarjeant 11.58

4th Joshua Derry 13.27

5th Raphael Aldridge and Zebedee Clements 13.30



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