Cross Country in the MUD!!!!

We were very proud of our 13 runners that took part with 1500 others today in very muddy and wet ground conditions in the Primary Sports Canterbury Cross Country Championships at Halswell Quarry today.

Luke Mitchell ran an awesome  race to place 7th out of 130 Year 6 boys  to qualify for the Primary Sports Canterbury Cross Country team for the second year in a row. Not far behind him, in about 15th was Michael Hermens – what an outstanding effort!

There are no official results out yet but Oliver Graves was well up in the Year 5 Boys race and would be close to the top 20.  Josh Walker ran a well judged race in the Year 8 Boys’ 3km to qualify in the top 20 for the races next week when the Year 7 and 8 Primaries take on the top 20 in the Intermediates.

Well done to all of the team who certainly slipped and slided in the mud but didn’t give up. We will report on other results and the Zone teams’ results when they come to hand.

Gym Team do well 24.6.13

Well done to our Gym team who competed today at Olympia Gym in the Primary Sports Canterbury Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Some provisional results are out and we had some placings! Thanks to all 13 children who competed and to their parents for taking them along. For full results, go to and click on results and Artisitic Gymnastics.


Grade 2

Beam: 3rd place Jody Xu 9.700

Grade 3

Vault: 3rd place Liam Hickey 8.800

Overall: 5th= Niamh Heinz 33.400

Teams’: 3rd place Hillview –  Liam Hickey, Niamh Heinz and Harriet Kingdon


Girls’ Step 3

2nd place: Selena Mein

Boys’ MAG 6

2nd place: Reuben Garlick

Year 9 and 10 Sport Draws 26.6.13

Year 9 and 10 Sport Draws 26.6.13

There are no table tennis games this week. Competition resumes next week.

Year 10 Netball v. Cashmere G @ Hillview – meet 2.30pm on the court

Year 9 Netball v. St. Margarets O @ Hagley Court 14 – meet 2.20pm in the courtyard

Red Badminton v. Linwood B @ Linwood – meet in courtyard at 2.20pm

Blue Badminton – Bye

Hockey and Netball CANCELLED 22.6.13 – Gym team competes on Monday 24 June

Both Junior Hockey and Netball is cancelled tomorrow – Saturday 22 June

Primary Sports Canterbury Gym Champs 24 June at Olympia Gym
We have three teams competing in the Recreation Grades and three individuals competing in the Competitive Grades on Monday
Please note:
Everyone to take their own drink bottle
All Recreational gymnasts can wear PE gear or a Leotard/ Bike shorts
All Competitive gymnasts (Selena, Lydia and Rueben) please wear your gym leotards/gym gear.

This is the FINAL transport list for Monday: to Olympia Gymnastic Sports, cnr Springs Rd & Corsair Dr, Wigram
– leaving HCS outside A2 Rec. Grade 1 Comp. from 9.15-10.15am  (return approx. 11.00am)
Mel Hillier  to take:  Alex Hillier, Riley O’Brien, Jessica Petrini and Micah Landers
9.45am – leaving HCS outside A2 Rec. Grade 2 Comp. from 10.35am-11.30am (return approx. 12.15pm)
Susan Galbraith to take: Emily Galbraith, Tori Marsden, Jody Xu and Kirsten Atkinson
11.00am leaving HCS outside A2 Rec. Grade 3 Comp. from 11.50am-12.30pm (return approx. 1.15pm)
Claire Miller taking Niamh Heinz, Liam Hickey and Harriet Kingdon
12.00pm  leaving HCS outside A2 Competitive Comp. from 1.00pm-2.45pm (return approx. 3.15pm)
Sue Mein or Dianne Garlick taking Reuben and Lydia Garlick and Selena Mein