PSC Duathlon Results now out

Savannah runs to a superb 6th place in the 11 year girls' race

Full results are now out for the PSC Duathlon last Wednesday. For Hillview results, look on our RESULTS page.

For full results, click here: PSC Duathlon 2011 Results

Ezra in full flight on the bike

PSC Duathlon

Well done to all of our 18 competitors at Ruapuna today. You all tried very hard and gave of your best!

Official results will be posted very soon on the Primary Sports Canterbury Web site – see PSC Web.

Savannah W was flying to be about 7th in the 11 years Girls and Frankie M was well up in the 9 years girls after being in 2nd after the first 2km run. A number of  you had some great school tussles with the 11 year boys and 9 year boys all finishing very close together.

Well done to all of you!

A big thanks to CHRIS, ANDY and AMANDA for transport and support.

Mr Norton

PSC Duathlon is ON

From the Primary Sports Canterbury web site, cancellation page…

Current Cancellations

23 March 2011

There are no cancellations to date.  ie The duathlon at Ruapuna will go ahead on 23 March as there is plenty of shelter.  We will break after the 9 & 10 years races so that those bikes can be collected.

HCS team to meet at 8.00am at Room A1 to then go to Ruapauna. Parents Andy, Amanda and Chris will transport you. Mr Norton will meet you at Ruapauna.

Latest Sports News

Hi all…just a few updates…

  1. The PSC Triathlon is now a Duathlon and Hillview has a team of 18 competing on Wednesday 23 March at Ruapuna Raceway
  2. All Year 9/10 Weekly Summer Sport has been cancelled for Term 1
  3. All Milo Cricket (both Year 5/6 Girls and Year 7/8) has been cancelled
  4. Hillview, Canterbury Secondary Schools and South Zone swimming Sports have been cancelled and the South Zone will not be sending an entry to the PSC Swimming Champs which will be held at Wharenui Pool
  5. The Canterbury Secondary Schools Athletic Championships have been cancelled but the SI Athletic Champs will take place in Timaru on April 1 and 2 – any nominations to Dean Stanton.

Latest News Post 22 Feb.

Hi everyone

The weekend after the earthquake of 22 Feb., Richard Boock, Sports Opinion writer for the Sunday Star Times, left this article on a full page in the SST of 27 Feb….


OPINION: To whom it may concern,

“Forgive me, but I can’t find the stomach for writing about games this week. When Christchurch has been broken on a wheel; when so many good people have been lost and so many others left grieving and traumatised, sport has never seemed so utterly irrelevant …”

Personally, I agree totally…

Two to three weeks later… can also be cathartic and healing now and act as part of the grieving and recovery process… try to get back into some form of physical activity to bring on some of the routines of everyday life.